Simple yet Classy Night outfit

Hello everyone!

I have a new post today. Yay!

It’s all about how I styled my outfit for the night 🙂




DSC05354 (1)

I wanted to share this outfit idea with you all. It is very simple yet classy and stylish.

I love polka dots and I couldn’t resist wearing this top even when it’s not my size 😛 I paired the top with a blue jeans. The top is a soft pinkish nude colour and is almost like a sheer top, not too transparent though. And this pair of blue jeans is a perfect match. This jeans is the most comfortable jeans ever. It is stretchy and fits perfectly.

I added a pair of gladiators. They have a lot of detail at the ankle and the rest of the foot is pretty much bare. To match my glads, I selected a cream and gold snake print bag and it looks absolutely amazing. And the pretty necklace I’m wearing today also matches my bag and footwear.

This is a very effortless and an easy outfit idea and is very comfortable.

If you like this post please give me a thumbs up and I have more interesting and fun posts coming up 🙂 So stay tuned 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Molly ❤


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