Huge Maybelline Haul

So here it is! The huge Maybelline haul. 


Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands. It has a huge variety of products at affordable prices. So if you are trying to buy any drugstore product, don’t forget to try Maybelline. The products are amazing. I picked up a few products recently and I want to show you what I purchased and what I love about these products.





I am a huge fan of eyeliners. I try different looks with different eyeliners. This brand has one of the best gel liners and that is Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner. This is great for beginners. You can always add a little bit of drama to your look by just using this liner. Other than that I also picked up the Hyperglossy liquid liner and the Hypersharp liquid liner. I also purchased the Eyestudio vivid & smooth liner which I always use as an eyeshadow rather than a liner.





The palette that I have is the Diamond glow eyeshadow palette in wine pink. I have used this palette in one of my previous tutorials and I like the colors in this palette. I am not a fan of eyeshadows but this is one of the most beautiful eyeshadow palettes with pretty colours and a highlighter of course which I pretty much use all over my face 😛




Mascaras :

Mascara is a must-have makeup product for every woman. And the Maybelline mascaras are just so wonderful that you’ll love your lashes after you apply this. The Falsies is my favourite mascara. I also picked up the Hyper curl mascara.




Kajal/Kohl : 

What do I need to say about this product? This is an amazing product. The pigmentation is amazing and a must have product if you are a kohl lover.




Blush :

I do not wear blush everyday but I always wanted to own at least one of the Cheeky Glow blushes. The shade I picked up is Creamy cinnamon and it is beautiful.




Lipsticks :

For lipsticks I picked up a pink shade a nude shade. I love, love, love these shades.  Both the lipsticks are from the Color sensational line and the shades I have are Fruit punch(pink) and Totally toffee(nude).




BB cream/stick :

This is my favourite Maybelline product. I don’t know how I forgot to include this product in the main picture 😦 The chubby stick is the best drugstore BB cream I have used so far.








Note – I didn’t purchase all the products at once.


6 thoughts on “Huge Maybelline Haul

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  3. I’ve recently purchased the Maybelline eye liner(gel). Could you suggest how to get a perfect look for my eyes.. Because I’m a beginner at make-up and stuff.😅


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