Pond’s BB+ cream review

Hey guys!

Today I’m reviewing Pond’s White Beauty BB+ cream.

I know there are tons of reviews on the internet already and I am posting this very late but I bought this product recently and I wanted to share my thoughts with you 🙂

My sister told me that her friends loved this product and I was like I need this and I have to try it out. So I went to the store immediately and grabbed it 😀



Let’s get into this —-

Packaging : The packaging of the product is pretty good. A sleek white tube with a silver cap – looks attractive.

Price : Rs. 75 for 9 gm

What Ponds claims : It is an all-in-one fairness and BB+ cream with GenWhite formula and it works from outside and inside. Gives instant glow.  Lightens the spots. It has SPF 30 and PA++.

Shelf life : 24 months

My thoughts about the product : The texture of the product is thick. And because of the thick formula it gets little difficult to blend the product properly. You need to work in a little extra to blend everything well. It leaves a smooth finish without settling into fine lines. The coverage is a sheer coverage and as I do not have many spots on my face, I think this product works for me in hiding any blemishes. The finish is kind of semi-matte. This cream looks good both on dry skin and oily skin. But this product is not very moisturizing, so dry skin people need to use a moisturizer before using this product. If you have oily skin and if you’re gonna stay out in the sun for a long duration, then hey, you need to set it with powder. The staying power on my skin is 6 to 7 hours. After that it disappears slowly. The only thing I am upset with is the colour selection. This product comes only in 1 shade and suits brilliantly for fair complexions (I tried it on my sister and it looked fab). I have dark skin so I was a bit upset because I like this cream very much.







  1. Light weight. Doesn’t feel like I have product on my skin.
  2. Staying power is good.
  3. Very affordable.
  4. It has SPF 30 and PA++.
  5. Gives a medium coverage.
  6. Semi-matte finish.
  7. Evens out skin tone quite naturally.
  8. Covers small blemishes and imperfections.
  9. Good mild fragrance.


  1. Comes only in 1 shade.
  2. Doesn’t suit oily skin types especially in summers.
  3. Doesn’t provide enough moisturization for dry skin people.

Overall verdict : It is an amazing product but I wish there were more shades.

My Rating : 4/5


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