Pink and Purple Eye – Basic steps with few products

Last week when I posted the no-makeup makeup look, one of my friends asked me to do a basic eyeshadow tutorial. So today I’m going to show you how you do it. I used pink and purple colours which is a beautiful combination. Well, I didn’t use too many products in this tutorial to make it much easier. Hope you like it! 🙂


The products that I used today are : 

1. Maybelline Diamond Glow eyeshadow quad in Wine Pink

2. Matte brown eyeshadow


Maybelline Diamond Glow eyeshadow palette - Wine Pink

Maybelline Diamond Glow eyeshadow palette – Wine Pink


Step 1 :

First of all, I’m taking the white highlight colour from the Maybelline Diamond Glow quad and appying it in the inner corner of my eye (inner 1/3 rd). I am not using too much of this as I will layer another colour over this.




Step 2 :

Taking the magenta pink colour from the same palette, I’m applying it all over my eyelid except the outer corner.




Step 3 :

Next I’m applying a matte brown colour (you can use any brown eyeshadow which is matte) right in my crease. Move the brush in a to and fro motion and blend it well.





Step 4 :

Apply the darkest colour from the Maybelline palette i.e purple in the outer corner of the eye and blend a little into the crease but don’t blend too much that the intensity of the colour is decreased.




Step 5 :

Blend all the colours well removing all the harsh lines so that it looks seamless.


So here is the finished look :

I just added some eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.


With Flash



Without Flash



So if you like this look please comment below and share with me your experience with eyeshadow when you did it for the first time.

Keep coming back for more tutorials and show me some love by hitting the like button 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pink and Purple Eye – Basic steps with few products

    • You can always use different products or if you have similar colours then you can go for it. But it is important to understand the technique 🙂


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